Get Familiar with Aluminium 2024 Sheets

Get Familiar with Aluminium 2024 Sheets

Owing to an impressive list of benefits and properties, aluminium 2024 sheets have proven to be a crucial component in various industries due to their exceptional properties and versatility. From aerospace applications to automotive parts, these sheets play a significant role in modern manufacturing processes.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the material specification, physical and mechanical properties, chemical structure, primary types, key dimensions, equivalent grades, sheet weight, and sheet sizes of Aluminium 2024 sheets.

Material Specification

Aluminium 2024 sheets conform to various international standards such as ASTM B209, AMS 4037, and QQ-A-250/4. These specifications ensure uniformity in material composition, mechanical properties, and dimensional tolerances, making Aluminium 2024 sheets reliable and consistent in quality.

Chemical Structure

Aluminium 2024 sheets primarily consist of aluminium, with additional elements contributing to their properties. The table below provides a clear overview of the elemental composition of the sheets, aiding in understanding their chemical structure:





Aluminium (Al)


Copper (Cu)


Manganese (Mn)


Magnesium (Mg)


Iron (Fe)

0.5% max

Silicon (Si)

0.5% max

Zinc (Zn)

0.25% max

Titanium (Ti)

0.15% max

Other Elements

0.15% max (each)


Physical Properties

Aluminium 2024 sheets exhibit a range of remarkable physical properties that contribute to their widespread use across various industries.





2.78 g/cm³

Melting Point

~600°C (1112°F)

Thermal Conductivity

121-157 W/(m·K)

Electrical Conductivity

27-34 MS/m


Mechanical Properties

Aluminium 2024 sheets boast impressive mechanical properties. These properties, coupled with their notable elongation and hardness, render them suitable for diverse industrial applications requiring strength, durability, and formability.




Tensile Strength

310-470 MPa (45,000-68,000 psi)

Yield Strength

230-270 MPa (33,000-39,000 psi)


12%-15% (in annealed condition)


60-70 HRB (Rockwell B scale)

Sheet Weight & Sizes

The weight of Aluminium 2024 sheets varies depending on their dimensions and thickness. As a general guideline, the weight can be calculated using the formula: Weight (kg) = Length (m) × Width (m) × Thickness (mm) × Density (g/cm³). Aluminium 2024 sheets are available in standard sizes to suit different applications. Common sheet sizes include:

-Thickness: 0.2 mm to 6.35 mm

-Width: 1000 mm to 1500 mm

-Length: 2000 mm to 4000 mm

Primary Types

Understanding the primary types of Aluminium 2024 sheets is crucial for selecting the appropriate temper for specific applications, ensuring optimal performance and durability. They are available in several primary types, each distinguished by its tempering process, which significantly influences its mechanical properties and suitability for specific applications.

1. T3 Temper:

Aluminium 2024 sheets in the T3 temper undergo solution heat treatment, cold working, and natural aging. This tempering process enhances the material’s strength and hardness, making it suitable for applications requiring moderate strength and good formability, such as aerospace components and structural parts.

 2. T4 Temper:

In the T4 temper, Aluminium 2024 sheets are subjected to solution heat treatment followed by natural aging. This temper provides improved formability and corrosion resistance while maintaining decent strength, making it suitable for applications where forming operations are critical, such as automotive panels and architectural cladding.

 3. T6 Temper:

Aluminium 2024 sheets in the T6 temper undergo solution heat treatment followed by artificial aging. This process results in high strength and hardness, making it ideal for applications requiring maximum strength-to-weight ratio, such as aircraft structures, military equipment, and high-performance automotive components.

4. T351 Temper:

Aluminium 2024 sheets in the T351 temper undergo solution heat treatment, stress relief by stretching, and artificial aging. This temper combines improved stress corrosion resistance with high strength, making it suitable for critical aerospace and marine applications.

Equivalent Grades

Aluminium 2024 sheets have equivalent grades in various international standards, including: -AA2024 (UNS A92024): The Aluminium Association (AA) designation for Aluminium 2024.

-EN AW-2024: European standard designation.

Industry Applications

Aluminium 2024 sheets play a vital role in a wide range of industries, contributing to the development of innovative products and solutions across diverse sectors.

1. Aerospace Industry:


Aluminium 2024 sheets are widely used in the aerospace sector for manufacturing aircraft structures, including fuselage panels, wings, and structural components. Their high strength-to-weight ratio, good fatigue resistance, and ability to withstand high temperatures make them ideal for aerospace applications where lightweight materials with superior performance are essential.

2. Automotive Industry:

Aluminium 2024 sheets find application in the automotive industry, where they are employed in the production of lightweight body panels, chassis components, and structural parts. Their high strength and formability contribute to improving fuel efficiency and reducing vehicle weight, ultimately enhancing performance and reducing emissions.

3. Marine Industry:

Aluminium 2024 sheets are also employed in the marine industry for constructing boat hulls, decks, and structural components. Their corrosion resistance, along with good strength and weldability, make them suitable for marine environments where exposure to saltwater and harsh weather conditions is common.

4. Defense & Military:

The defense and military sectors utilize Aluminium 2024 sheets for various applications, including armored vehicles, military aircraft, and naval vessels. Their lightweight nature, coupled with high strength and durability, allows for the development of robust yet agile equipment and structures.

5. Sporting Goods:

Aluminium 2024 sheets are used in the manufacturing of sporting goods such as bicycle frames, tennis rackets, and camping equipment. The material’s strength, stiffness, and ability to withstand impacts make it suitable for producing lightweight yet durable sporting gear.

6. Construction Industry:

In the construction sector, Aluminium 2024 sheets find applications in architectural cladding, roofing, and facade systems. Their corrosion resistance, ease of fabrication, and aesthetic appeal contribute to creating modern and durable building structures.

7. Electronics & Electrical:

Aluminium 2024 sheets are utilized in electronics and electrical applications, including enclosures, heat sinks, and conductor plates. Their excellent thermal conductivity and electrical properties make them suitable for dissipating heat and conducting electricity efficiently.

8. Consumer Goods:

The sheets are also used in the production of various consumer goods such as kitchen appliances, furniture, and decorative items. Their lightweight nature, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal make them desirable for both functional and decorative purposes.

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